Your restaurant brand, your customers.

Connect with your customers directly, instead of competing on marketplaces for comission-based orders at cheaper rates.


Receive Orders Online

Receive orders from your customers directly from your website, facebook page or by sharing link on whatsapp.

Own Your Customers

Have direct access to your customers instead of routing them to third party sites which list you among competitors.

Increase Net Profit

Have more direct orders without any third party comissions or fees per order to increase your net profit.

Orders Management

Track pending, in-progress, complete and canceled orders wether they are dine in, take away or home delivery.

Reservations Management

Keep record of upcoming bookings by date/time to send confirmation and reminder messages via whatsapp.

WhatsApp Integration

Keep your customer posted when the order gets dispatched for delivery or it becomes ready for take away.

Realtime Notifcations

Get realtime alerts for new orders placed online inside the app or via email when you are singed out.

Zero Setup Fees

Instantly start using the solution yourself online without going through complicated processes and setup fees.

Adopt Proven Solution

Use thoughtfully designed solution to get up and running in no time instead of reinventing the wheels.

Menu Management


Get started for free and pay as you scale up.


$0 / month

Upto 100 orders each month

Upto 100 reservations each month


$10 / month

Upto 3,000 orders each month

Upto 3,000 reservations each month


$25 / month

Upto 10,000 orders each month

Upto 10,000 reservations each month


$50 / month

Upto 100,000 orders each month

Upto 100,000 reservations each month

Zero Setup Fees
Zero Comission Per Order
Menu Management
Receive Orders Online
New Order Notification
WhatsApp Integration
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